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"It's not about the destination but the journey"




My name is Cindy Vajtai, I am a passionate artist & designer based in La Center, Washington whose inspiration is to create unique personal art through artistic expressions that draws you into a supernatural discovery about the world around you & yourself! My greatest joy is to inspire people to dream again & to have hope in knowing they matter! Our life has a story that impacts the world around them, intentional or not. We each are a key & carry key's for others, that's the reason i paint,
no matter what season of life, a picture speaks deeper to the SOUL than words could ever explain!"





My treasured  
Momentos story

I was flying into Vegas for a buying trip & had this idea for these gifts.  I thought I could buy it all at the market & realized 2 years later I would be creating them.  I started creating these little books for myself & gave as gifts to friends. Every “HANDMADE MOMENTO” is numbered & signed. They can be filled with treasures unique to the person, to reflect upon for a special occasion. Like vacations, honeymoons, anniversary trips, great to give as a hospital gift  or to dream in. these Momentos come in 2 sizes 6x6 or 8x6...with 20 pages. Extra pages can be custom ordered, with a theme (specialized for the person)  & custom colors & items they love. I use mine to draw in or to use to jot quick notes in for special seasons in my life.
The ideas are endless how these little books can be used, email for more information & ideas.

KEY to my life.

I can't say enough about how these light patches have changed everything about my life & they have given me focus again, like my youth. I can move again with no pain & my skin is looking better every day. This is not a pill but LIGHT therapy, that renews your body at the cellular level.  To learn more, see my website videos & read about the testimony's. This is like a light switch to turn on your body.

Watch and see how it works.